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Fit For Summer with Aronia - Protect your skin from the inside out

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extract from PRESS RELEASE  by Aroniabeere e.V.

Fit for the summer with antioxidants



How aronia berries boost the body’s internal sun protection 

June 2019: The sun doesn’t just give us a nice tan; it also lifts our mood and makes us more active. However, the ultraviolet elements of light can produce free radicals, which are known for their damaging effect on the cells. The medically accredited health and nutrition consultant, Claudia Höft, explains why the native aronia berry should be our first choice to get our body ready for the summer. 


Summer, sun and sunscreen… Sun worshippers have already started flocking outdoors. “Some have already got their first sunburn before the summer’s even properly begun”, says Claudia Höft. We now have to do all we can to protect our skin from further sun damage. If we give our bodies enough antioxidants, we can safely stay in the sun for longer. The nutritionist’s weapon of choice is the native aronia berry.

Aronia berries for internal sun protection

The protective effect of berries on the body’s cells has been proven by numerous studies. “And aronia berries protect the cells far better than blueberries and raspberries”, states Claudia Höft. This is due to their particularly high manganese, vitamin K and folic acid content, as well as their natural plant pigments known as “polyphenols”. These nutrients act as strong radical scavengers and can significantly reduce the cell-damaging effect of UV rays. 

As many secondary plant substances are sensitive to light, Claudia Höft recommends drinking them in the form of organic juice as a “wonderful alternative to fresh fruit and berries”. We only need 100 ml of aronia juice to build up the body’s internal sun protection with precious antioxidants and prevent cell damage. The expert advises us to always buy locally grown and processed aronia products, such as those found in health food shops. She also recommends diluting aronia juice with water or other juices at first, and we should make sure we always get our daily intake of nutrients.

“The precious ingredients found in aronia berries usually stay in the body for 27 hours. That’s why we should make sure we get our daily intake”, says Claudia Höft. The antioxidants found in aronia berries can also help to protect the eyes after exposure to the sun: “If your eyes are left unprotected, the sun can destroy the proteins in the retina. Aronia berries can give us a helping hand here as well”, she adds.
Effects of sunlight

Sunlight stimulates the production of the body’s feel-good hormones like serotonin and vitamin D. The sunshine vitamin not only ensures healthy muscles and bones; it also keeps the immune system in good working order. But if you stay in the sun for too long without protection, you can end up with quite a painful sunburn. 
The painful redness after sunbathing is caused by the UV rays that sink deep into the skin. This is also how the sun ages the skin and can damage the cells. You can ensure optimal protection by regularly using the right mineral sun protection for your skin. And if you also supply your body with enough nutrients, nothing can stand in the way of the perfect summer.  

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