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Why Mineral Sun Creams are best

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Why Natural Mineral Sun creams are best.



Sun – good or bad?


Exposing our skin to sun rays is good for us: the natural sunlight stimulates vitamin D production in our bodies. But over-exposure to the sun is harmful: it can lead to premature ageing, skin damage and even skin cancer.

Skin Cancer is in fact the most common cancer in the UK. Worryingly, the malignant melanoma is disproportionately high in younger people.

Extensive advertising and health campaigns encourage us to use sun protection… and they work as we spent hundred of thousands of pounds on sunscreens every year.



Are all sun creams the same?


What is becoming clearer every day is that not all products are the same! Ingredients matter. Is your sun cream leaving you overexposed to UVA rays? Does it contain compounds that may disrupt your hormones? From speaking to customers, friends, family and even colleagues, I found that most people are seriously confused and unsure on what to look for.

Chemical sunscreens penetrate the skin to protect it from UV rays from within. But such chemicals (include Oxybenzone, methyl cinnamates, and PABA) can mimic oestrogen in the body (they are called xenoestrogens, and are much more potent than the regular oestrogen) and may contribute to hormonal imbalances.

Natural sunscreens on the other hand are physical sunscreens that work by reflecting UV radiation off the skin like a mirror - They are not absorbed and won’t disrupt hormonal balance.



Timing is everything!


Because chemical sunscreens need to penetrate the skin to work, people should apply them 30 minutes before going out in the sun... How often do you factor that extra time in? And what happens if the sun exposure was not planned?

Natural sunscreens are effective as soon as applied.



UVA vs UVB rays

It’s just as important that your sun screen protects you from both UV A and UV B rays. UVB cause sunburn and can lead to skin cancer and melanoma. UVA rays are behind the ageing effect on skin. UVB rays are worse in summer months. But UVA are around all year round and can penetrate glass, making sun protection necessary all year round and indoors as well as out!

But Beware! Not all chemical sunscreens protect against UVA rays – always check the label. All Natural sunscreens tend to protect against both UV A and B rays.


More than just sun protection

Finally, beyond just protecting your skin from the harmful sun rays, Natural Sun Creams also include plant ingredients that help soothe, heal and improve skin texture. Some creams are also rich in anti-oxidants which help to fight the damaging effects of sun rays and further fight the signs of ageing… Some good ones to try are green people and lavera.

So get some natural, full spectrum, mineral sun cream. Apply it every day, all year round. And reapply regularly if swimming or sweating!

Enjoy the sun :)

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