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Creatine Monohydrate, what is it? and how does it work?

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What is Creatine and how does it work?


Creatine is a sports supplement that is used by athletes those being professionals with sport performance goals and amateurs that regularly attend workouts. Creatine is a highly documented and studied sports supplement, as a researched supplement Creatine is safe for most people. Creatine can both increase strength as well as improve the growth of muscle tissue, Creatine can improve the performance, neuroprotective properties and aid in training and competition.

Creatine is a combination of three amino acids Arginine, glycine and methionine. When it enters the system it will bind with Phosphate molecule to create Creatine phosphate; this will then convert the ADP ([adenosine di-phosphate] of which is a by-product of the body’s energy source [ATP]) back into ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) therefore resulting in more energy. Therefore Creatine will increase the ATP stores in your body to ensure that you are able to train harder for longer.


What are the benefits of Creatine?


Creatine is able to hydrate muscle cells at a fast rate, therefore, this shall increase protein synthesis; Increasing ions into the muscle cell, the more ions that are present in the muscle cells the higher the muscle protein synthesis. Protein synthesis will increase muscle mass and can have an effect that will make the muscles look bigger and more pumped up as they hold more water. Creatine can have a number of other potential effects, such as better brain performance, glucose metabolism, and bone mineral density that make it a supplement that can benefit everybody.

With an increase in ATP stores, you can increase the workout intensity; this is extremely beneficial to athletes that are doing short explosive movements, this can be seen from a weightlifter, sprinter or bodybuilder.  


How should I take Creatine?


In terms of results, these usually vary between consumers, however for faster results you can ‘load’ Creatine; this is the practice of taking a higher dosage than what you would usually use. However, loading Creatine is not necessary to see results but using smaller doses (5 grams) will take up to 30 days for this to saturate (depending on body mass). However, by using a loading dosage of 15-25 grams per day for five days this will quickly saturate your muscle cells and should see results in increased strength and muscle mass, then carrying on with the maintenance of 3-5 grams to keep Creatine levels high. However, you do not need to load Creatine to see results over time, if you take this normally (3-5 grams a day for 8 weeks) you will still see results.

Creatine can be cycled and it usually is, but it is not necessary to do so. However your body has an internal equilibrium of which you can swing in your favour for a duration of time, but this can also swing back at some point. Therefore taking Creatine 6-8 weeks at a time may temporarily increase your Creatine phosphate stores, but after a while, your body’s feedback mechanisms will bring the levels back down to normal, of which could deem the Creatine less beneficial during this time. However, this is where cycling this is useful as it will allow for the body to take a ‘time-out’ and bring your body’s equilibrium back into a state where Creatine will be beneficial again.

The best time to take Creatine would be to take it whenever it suits you, some articles might suggest that taking this after a workout would be useful, some before, but when it boils down to it, it is best when you feel most comfortable. However, you must remember that taking Creatine before a workout will not give you more energy, as for it to work your cells must be saturated and doing this once before a workout will not make any difference.


Is Creatine right for me?


Creatine is a supplement that will aid in muscular growth and increase in strength, we can see that this is proven to work and has displayed an increase in strength. See article: https://relentlessgains.com/what-is-creatine-and-will-it-help-build-muscle/


However, if you are looking to grow in muscle mass and in strength it is best to use this however complimented with other supplements to see the best results. But, Creatine is not a magic formula that you take and you will be instantly stronger, this has to go into a muscle building diet that is high in protein and other nutrients to keep the muscles healthy. Also to note that when cycling protein you must consume high amounts of water to keep hydrated as the muscles draw a lot of water from different parts of the body.

For optimum results when cycling Creatine:

  • Dieting consistently:
    • The body must be supplied with an excess of calories that it can build muscle from.
  • Training consistently:
    • High-Intensity workouts and heavyweight will display the best results
  • Supplementing smartly:
    • This is in regards to paying attention to dosage (loading, consumption), you will be able to drastically improve your Creatine results when you effectively use this. The same can be said in regards to using this alongside other supplements when there is an addition of supplements (such as whey protein or amino acids) how will you use these together?

Ultimately Creatine is a supplement that has proven results when taken properly, it can provide muscular and strength gain, whilst having minimal side-effects. You will not lose this muscle gain once you finish cycling the Creatine and once you stop, therefore this implements Creatine as one of the most effective supplements on the planet currently.

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